This method contains device-specific values. It updates the login time and device.

We recommend this method is called in the GCMRegistration service where users get the GCM token from the GCM server,
as it will update the GCM token on the Hurree server.

Method Signature

void deportKeyValues(String appKey, String appGroupKey, String uniqueUserId, String deviceToken, int timerValueInMinutes)

To add the method

  1. Open your project.
  2. Open app > src > main > java > package name > MyGCMRegistrationService.
  3. Add the method code. Method Code


These are the arguments that define the method.

Name Type Mandatory Description
appKey String Mandatory This is the Application key.
appGroupKey String Mandatory This is the Application Group Identifier for your app.
uniqueUserId String Optional This is a unique identifier for the user.
deviceToken String Mandatory This is the Device Token.
timerValueInMinutes Integer Optional This indicates (in minutes) how frequently data is pushed from SDK to the server. The minimum is 120 seconds.

Sample Code


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