You need to add each of the following frameworks to your project and mark them as Required.

This table lists the required frameworks and the functionality to which they relate.

Functionality Framework
Device network configuration settings, wifi and cell connectivity SystemConfiguration.framework
API reference for core animation and display hierarchy capabilities QuartzCore.framework
Extensions and commands for the Xcode source editor libz.dylib, or libz.tbd in Xcode 7+
Still and video image processing in near real-time CoreImage.framework
Layouts, typesettings, character to glyph conversion, font handling, glyph data CoreText.framework
Location tracking and associated end user pop-up CoreLocation.framework

To add required frameworks to your project

  1. Open the XCode application.
  2. Open your project. The targets (project components) that will be uploaded to the app stores) are listed. Targets
  3. From the navigation panel, click on the target for your project, and select the Build Phases tab. Build Phases
  4. From the Embed Frameworks menu, select the SystemConfiguration.framework library (there are 6 altogether).
  5. From the dropdown menu next to SystemConfiguration.framework, mark this library as Required. Framework Required
  6. Now, return to the Linked Frameworks and Libraries menu and repeat for each framework listed above, marking each as Required. (Location Tracking is a special framework that requires different treatment. See Add the Location Tracking Framework.)

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