Methods and Arguments

Some actions and functionality within the Hurree dashboard and user notifications are controlled using SDK methods. Each is listed below, along with the relevant arguments.

Each method requires its own successCallback and errorCallback function.

Functionality Method
Adding device-specific values deportKeyValues
Sending user values (for example gender and DOB) deportUserValues
Identifying whether notification was sent from Hurree or not (for example third party application) pushNotificationWasSentFromHurree
Registering device on which the application is installed setCustomLogWithEventName
Registering purchase events (with price, quantity and other details) logPurchaseWithCurrencyWithPriceAndQuantity
Creating the push notification view shownotification
Logging all logout events logoutUser

This section outlines how to add the application source code - methods and data arguments - to your project's controllers.

Depending on how you want the Hurree functionality to work, you can decide where each method is called, though we have made some suggestions.

Info Please ensure you have already retrieved the Application End User Keys from the Hurree Dashboard.

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