This method allows the setting of additional contact properties - enabling you to store whatever bespoke values you need for your contacts.

To add the method

Add this method where you want to make a call to set custom contact properties.


Objective C
    custProperty: "custom1",
    custValue: "Value of property to set"
){ (result) in
[instance sendCustomValues:<#(NSString * _Nonnull)#> custValue:<#(NSString * _Nonnull)#> completion:<#^(NSDictionary * _Nullable)completion#>]


These are the arguments that define the method.

Name Type Mandatory Description
custProperty String Mandatory This is the name of the custom property to set. Currently only 5 are supported - custom1, custom2, custom3, custom4 and custom5
custValue String Mandatory This is the string value you wish to set/provide for the given custom property).

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