This method displays the custom view when a user is sent a push notification.

- (void)shownotification:(id <UIApplicationDelegate> _Nonnull)appDelegate 
notificationInfoDict:(id _Nonnull)notificationInfoDict;

To add the method

  1. Add this method to the AppDelegate class in the didReceiveRemoteNotification method.
  2. Check if pushNotificationWasSentFromHurree.
  3. If true, then call the shownotification method.

Objective C
[instance_object shownotification:
    appDelegate: appDelegate
    notificationInfoDict: notificationInfoDict
    appDelegate: appDelegate,
    notificationInfoDict: notificationInfoDict


These are the arguments that define the method.

Name Type Mandatory Description
appDelegate id Mandatory This is the UIApplication delegate of the callee application.
notificationInfoDict id Mandatory This is the aps of the push dictionary received in the didReceiveNotification method of the AppDelegate.

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