Install the Hurree SDK Into Your Project

This section outlines how to install the SDK into your app project, whether you use Mac, Windows or Linux.

This plugin is available for iOS and Android platforms only.

To install the Hurree Plugin

Info Since Cordova is installed by root, first check that you have root folder permissions for the project. (For Linux, install gksudo and open a terminal with root.)

  1. Open your terminal and open your project folder:
    • If you are in Linux, open a terminal and open your project folder
    • If you are in Windows, navigate to the Start menu, open a command line window and open your project folder
    • If you are in macOS / OS X, open a terminal and open your project folder
  2. In your Cordova/PhoneGap project, run the following terminal command - a Node Package Manager command that calls GitHub.
    cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-hurresdk
  3. The Hurree SDK plugin is now installed. You can verify this by looking in the Plugins folder (Home/SampleProject/myApp/plugins) in your project for a folder called cordova-plugin-hurresdk.

To manually install

Info You will only need to download the Hurree Plugin if the installation process does not work.

Using NPM, install the plugin from

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