This is required to capture information each time a user logged out and another has logged in on the same device.

To add the method

  1. Open your project.
  2. You can add the method anywhere, but we recommend that you open the controllers.js file in the js folder. controllers.js
  3. Add the method code:


These are the arguments for the method.

  1. successCallback - The Success Callback function is called following a successful log, and includes a success message
  2. errorCallback - The Error Callback function is called in case of an error, and includes an error message
  3. User_Info - The {User_Info}'s keys are listed below

Object Keys

Key Type Mandatory Description
userId String Mandatory This is a unique identifier for the user.
deviceToken String Mandatory This is the device token.
timeInMinutes String Optional This indicates (in minutes) how frequently data is pushed from SDK to the server. The default (and minimum) is 5 minutes.
firstName String Optional This is the user's First Name.
lastName String Optional This is the user's Last Name.
phoneNumber String Optional This is the user's Phone Number.
email String Optional This is the user's Email Address.
imageUrl String Optional This is the Url of the User's Picture.
gender String Optional This is the user's Gender. The options are: Male or Female.
DOB String Optional This it the user's Date of Birth.

Sample Code

        //success callback function
        //error callback function
        userId: "Unique Identifier for User",
        deviceToken: "Device Token",
        timerInMinutes: "5"
        firstName: "John"
        lastName: "Moe",
        phoneNumber: "4444444444",
        email : "",
        imageUrl : "PROFILE IMAGE URL",
        gender: "male",
        DOB: "05/07/1990"

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