This method determines whether the push notification is sent from the HurreeSDK or the third party application. If the push notification is sent from the HurreeSDK, it returns true; if it is sent from the third party application, it returns false.

To add the method

  1. Open your project.
  2. Open the app.js file in the js folder. app.js
  3. Add the method code:


These are the arguments for the method.

  1. successCallback - The Success Callback function is called following a successful notification. The notificationFromHurree returns true if the push notification was sent from HurreeSDK; otherwise, it returns false.
  2. errorCallback - The Error Callback is called in case of an error, and includes an error message
  3. Notification - Payload: The {JSON Object}'s keys are listed below

Object Keys

Key Type Mandatory Description
Alert Dictionary or String Optional This is the title of the notification.
Sound String Optional This it the accompanying notification sound.
Message String Optional This it the text of the notification.
Id String Optional This is a unique identifier for the notification.

Sample Code

        "alert": "joetheman",
        "sound": "default"
    "message": "Some custom message for your app",
    "id": 1234

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