Step 2: Adding an App Group

It is now time to add your app group to Hurree.

To do this, hit the + NEW APP GROUP button beneath the Hurree logo at the top of the side panel as you can see below.

A pop-up will appear asking you to enter your App Group Name and your Domain. Enter these into the provided boxes. When entering your domain you do not need to enter www. as this will not allow you to proceed.

Once you have added your App Group Name and your Domain hit the Add Group button to complete this section.

Your domain is required to set-up the email feature of Hurree. It will ask you to verify your domain and gives you up to 2 weeks to do so. If your domain is not verified within this time your App Group will be disabled.

To verify your domain you will need to create a DNS Record of type TXT with your domain host.

At this point you should go to App Group in the left hand side panel, pick your app group and head to the DKIM settings.

When verifying your domain with your domain host you will be asked for a Hostname and a Value. Hurree creates these for you in the DKIM settings so all you have to do is simply copy and paste!

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