Step 3: Connecting your Apps

You will now be able to connect your apps to Hurree.

You can find your app group by hitting the App Group drop down on the left hand side as seen below. Select the app group of your choice and add in each of the relevant apps.

Select an app to add.

Hurree will bring you to a screen to allow you to complete the connection.

Add in all of relevant details into the boxes provided (e.g. name, download url etc.).

Depending on the app type (Android or Apple), you will need to complete some app specific information fields. For example, for Android you will need to provide the package name and also an FCM key to enable Hurree push notifications. Similarly, for Apple, you will need to provide an appropriate certificate enabling notifications. You can find out more on this in the respective SDK documentation for Android and iOS.

Please note: At this time it may helpful for you to visit the Developer Console to help set-up your app as seen below.

For more information on the specifics of app integration you can refer to the specific SDK sections:

When all boxes have been completed, hit the SAVE button to store all of the information.

Congratulations! You have now completed your app's integration.

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