Step 4: Email Set-up

DKIM Setup

In order for Hurree to send email on your behalf, a DNS Record of type TXT must be added to your domain host.

When adding a TXT record to your domain host, you will be asked for a Hostname and a Value. These values can be found in the DKIM Settings tab within the App Group page. Simply copy and paste them into your domain hosts interface and the verification by Hurree can then proceed.
Once the DKIM TXT record is added, go to Campaigns -> Email -> Compose where there is a Verify Email button. Hurree will then authenticate the TXT record on your domain versus the record we have in our database.

Sender Settings

Finally, it is important to set up who your emails will be coming from. This can be done in the Email Settings section of your App Group.

As you can see below just add in the details relevant to you and your emails and hit the SAVE button.

Once you have completed this you are good to go!

🏁 Happy Marketing! 😃

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